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Customer support

In Innova CNC we pay special attention aftermarket, providing our customers with ongoing support. Our team of professionals ensures that all requests or queries are dealt with promptly.

Innova CNC offers a range of solutions and services to keep the machine in top working condition and production.

We offer customized services according to the needs and requirements of each customer, as well as standard proposals support and maintenance.

  • Maintenance contract.
  • Service contract.
  • Assistance Plus contract.

If you would like more detailed information on these contracts and conditions please contact our Sales Department.

Maintenance contract

To maintain the reliability and continuous working cycles are required minimal maintenance as well as preventive maintenance to ensure high performance and extend the life of the machine itself and its components.

Preventive maintenance should be considered as an investment, and consist of an annual review of the electrical-electronic and mechanical components, this action ensures correct operation of the machine, as well as detect and correct anomalies that could affect a future optimum performance. These maintenance are performed by specialized CNC Innova, and they certify the successful completion of the work and operation of the machine.

We provide early intervention service to ensure the functionality of the machine and duty cycles at maximum performance.

Innova CNC proposes a number of solutions and custom options each client level to cover all your needs and ensure their production.

Service contract:

Innova CNC offers our customers a package of basic services which provide quick solutions to unusual stops or machine failures.

For this purpose we have set the service "Remote". Our technicians can access on-line control of the machine to check and verify software configurations, perform simulations, zero reset and check the correct mobility. This system requires that the machine is connected to the Internet, directly or through a network. Our technicians interact with the operator to quickly solve the problems caused by programming errors or unexpected downtime caused by power failures.

Assistance Plus contract:

For the most demanding customers present a complete package of services which include:

  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance.
  • Technical and programming support.
  • Remote Assistance Service.
  • URGENT Service spare parts.
  • Service Exchange components for quick replacement.
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